Council Elections

Elections to the Student Council are held electronically once a year at Uglan.

There is a choice between the student movements that are running at any given time. Each student movement presents a list of main representatives and deputy representatives. Each student can then choose the list they choose in their field of study. The party that receives the most votes receives the majority of representatives in that field. The elected main representatives form the Student Council.

At any given time, 17 students sit on the council.

5 representatives from the School of Social Sciences.
3 representatives from the School of Health Sciences.
3 representatives from the School of Humanities.
3 representatives from the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Results of the Student Council elections 2020.

Elections to the University Council take place every two years. Students have two representatives there. There, the student movements offer two main representatives and two deputy representatives to the council. Elections are held in parallel with the student council elections electronically at Uglan. The representatives who are elected at any given time sit in the council for two years.